In 2013, I registered my first unpublished work, called The Soul’s Perspective. This was a second big step towards immersing myself into the publishing arena. The first one had been via my graphic designer bone1, through which I had earned a position as a layout artist in an aviation magazine. Thanks to this job, and other gigs of the kind, I got to learn a lot about editorial design.

So, even though I knew this first registered text needed a lot of work, a first milestone had been reached. Nevertheless, if I wanted to be published (or self-published), I had to learn to write professionally.

Having done a great deal of research, I decided to jump into a translation course, the best I could find here in Buenos Aires (yes, I was raised in Argentina, and born, in 1969).

I started studying English-Spanish Literary Translation At Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández,” and got almost halfway through my degree. At the time, I found it was the best way of learning to write properly2, both in Spanish and English. Because, against all good advice, I have always enjoyed writing my narrative in English.

Then, at one point, and following my intuition, I decided to turn towards studying Publishing. I knew there was this interesting course at Filo/UBA3 called Edición. It had started in 1992 offering a technical degree that a few years later changed into an undergraduate one4.

Slow-paced, I had passed five out of twenty-four subjects before the pandemic. Then, due to home-office, I could dedicate myself to studying non-stop for almost two years. Today, I’m two subjects away from graduation.

During quarantine, I also made the time to round up my writing of several years in two books. I had every intention of publishing them through Ingramspark, but chickened out and let them resting in the platform, a click away from reaching the world ☜(ˆ▽ˆ).

This year, I reread them and decided to publish them as they were. That’s why I built this blog, to reedit the texts for a future second edition of each. The books are:


Imaginable, short narratives touching the concepts of death, afterlife, parallel lives and the dimensions of existence.


Intro, an introspective nar­rative dealing with the relation universe-human.

In this blog, you'll also find a number of microstories I wrote between the years 2011 and 2016.

I hope you like it.

  1. I obtained my Graphic Designer degree from FADU/UBA (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at University of Buenos Aires). 

  2. As I’m writing this, I have dropped out of the Traductorado and enrolled in Artes de la Escritura (Writing Arts) at UNA (National University of The Arts), where one can become a writer. This undergraduate course was created in 2016. Its curriculum was insanely long, for which it was reformed in 2019 to make it possible for human students to get their degree. 

  3. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at University of Buenos Aires. 

  4. The degree used to be called Técnica en Edición. Now it’s Editora and they’re going for Licenciada en Edición